What is Country Club MD?

Country Club MD is a new, innovative fertilizer from LebanonTurf developed to provide superior turf quality and golf course playability. It is uniquely formulated to consistently deliver the optimum nutrients and stress-buffering biostimulants that your putting greens need to stay healthy all season long.

Country Club MD

See the “MD” at Work!

When Country Club MD comes into contact with water, the sea plant kelp meal and humic acid quickly release from the particles during dispersion, becoming immediately available to the plant. See the water turning brown during particle dispersion in this demonstration.

Country Club MD dispersion in water

What's the stuff left at the bottom?

Meth-Ex particulate

Those small, SGN 40, particulates remaining at the bottom of the bottle are primarily the water insoluble nitrogen, long-chain portion of Meth-Ex® methylene urea. These ultra-small, insoluble bits will easily move through the tightest of turf canopies, while supplying dependable and stable slow release nitrogen to the turf.

The Next Stage in the Evolution of Golf Course Fertilizers