About LebanonTurf

LebanonTurf provides innovative and leading performance products to the golf and landscape industries in North America and around the world. A division of Lebanon Seaboard Corporation, LebanonTurf is an industry leader in producing advanced technology fertilizers, grass seed and biological products. Golf course superintendents, lawn care operators, professional landscapers and sports turf managers count on LebanonTurf brands; — ProScape®, Lebanon® Pro, Country Club®, NX-PRO®, Pennmulch, Roots®, PHC® and Emerald Isle Solutions™ — to make them successful in their endeavors to create and maintain the best quality turf, plants and trees.

LebanonTurf stands out as the only company in its industry offering both microbiological components along with advanced controlled release fertilizer products delivered as part of an integrated systems approach to turf and plant care needs. In addition, the company's highly-rated grass seed products are available as mixes, blends and in straight varieties to sod growers. With a network of more than 300 distributors, LebanonTurf products are available throughout the U.S. and in a growing number of international locations.

The distribution efficiency of LebanonTurf is unmatched in the industry. With large modern distribution centers in Lebanon, PA and Danville, IL along with direct shipment capability from production facilities in New York, Indiana, Virginia and Oregon, products are readily available and delivered consistently in just a few days.

LebanonTurf is committed to environmental stewardship. For more information or to read about the organizations we partner with, please visit our Environmental Stewardship page at LebanonTurf.com.

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